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Dr Robert Herd is a Consultant Dermatologist based at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow. He has expertise in general dermatology and skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma is the commonest cancer and can be removed by the gold standard method, Mohs’ Micrographic surgery. Simple procedures such as excision biopsy, cryotherapy and laser therapy are also offered. Mole screening can be performed. You can keep up to date with the talking points section.

Over 10,000 cases of skin cancer per year in Scotland. Don't become a number.
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I had just been told after attending the Mole Clinic at my local pharmacy that I could potentially have a melanoma on my right leg. Obviously I was very worried and upset by this and when I met Dr. Herd he did his best to try and reassure me. The mole was removed and after a few anxious weeks my results came back fine. I have since seen Dr. Herd on a regular basis over the years for annual skin check ups and I find that his calming and friendly manner gives me peace of mind.