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Talking Points

Can pills protect against skin caner

January 14, 2019 at 6:31 pm

It has been reported that pills are being sold on line with the claim that they are sunscreen pills and can protect against skin cancer.


These are being sold on sites that sell vitamins.  However it’s important to realise that an “oral sunscreen” does not exist and sites suggesting that pills will protect against UV rays are misleading readers.


In some cases these pills contain no active ingredient and may even be harmful.


For people who are concerned about the dangers of skin cancer it’s important that they limit their exposure to direct sunlight and use a good high factor sunscreen to protect themselves.


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I had just been told after attending the Mole Clinic at my local pharmacy that I could potentially have a melanoma on my right leg. Obviously I was very worried and upset by this and when I met Dr. Herd he did his best to try and reassure me. The mole was removed and after a few anxious weeks my results came back fine. I have since seen Dr. Herd on a regular basis over the years for annual skin check ups and I find that his calming and friendly manner gives me peace of mind.